When Should You Use A Courier Delivery Firm?

Although I’m a strong proponent of Singapore’s logistics industry, I do not believe that you should use a courier firm all the time. Also, on the other hand, I believe that for certain times, using a courier services company is a no brainer decision.

Here’s why and what the situations are:

  • When you are sending something unimportant, and you can either deliver it or sleep, you should deliver it yourself!
  • In fact, the best times to use a courier company is when you do not have time to deliver it yourself, or are unable to do it yourself even if you wanted to.
  • The other times you should use a courier company is when you are sending documents on behalf of a company. Most companies let you claim such extra delivery expenses, which are above and over your usual work duties (unless you’re a deliveryman yourself). Therefore, why try to save money? 😛 Just use a courier firm in Singapore like PCAMasters.

Review Of Courier Services In Singapore

Here’s a quick review of the types of courier services you can find in Singapore.

First of all, there are companies which specialize in delivering small items for customers. These are usually companies which have a large workforce of bikers, and deal mainly with bike couriers and deliver items which can be transported only by bike. Their main customer base are usually corporations. Therefore, most financial, shipping and technology company use such courier services companies in Singapore the most. Examples of such a local courier service in Singapore is www.pcamasters.com.

Second of all, there are companies which specialize in lorry deliveries. These are companies which transport large items, usually furniture or fruits. There are lots of furniture stores in Singapore, due to the high population density in Singapore, and there are also a lot of fruit stores and wet markets. Therefore, these companies with lorries deliver such large items. However, one thing to note is that these are usually called transportation or general logistics companies, as courier companies are usually reserved for the naming of companies which deliver smaller items. An example of such a company is Shalom Movers.

Third of all, there are also companies which specialize in van deliveries. Such companies such as CSLC move goods for customers (the size of the goods are in between the top two categories) via van.

Partner With A Courier Company And Save Your Time

When it comes to business, time is very important. Time spent sending documents is usually wasted time, which is unproductive and results in zero profits nor sales for the company. It’s the worst kind of profit drain on a company’s bottom line.

On the flip side, if a business owner gets more time as a result of not needing to travel around Singapore’s congested roads and deliver documents, it means that he or she will now have more time to build and work on the business. If an administrative employee does not need to run such errands and can instead work on matters which will result in more profits to the firm, the business can make more profit off that very same employee – because that employee now does not waste much time taking the public transport and travelling around Singapore like a mad person.

This is one of the reasons why businesses in the 21st century love to outsource. Accounting functions are usually outsourced to audit firms, local courier deliveries are usually outsourced to a local Singapore courier service company, and even hiring is outsourced to human resource consulting firms.

Saving time is important, especially when it comes to hyper competitive business markets in Singapore. It is important for employees to conserve their time and put them into growing a company’s top or bottom line if the company wants to make more money and create more value for shareholders.

Various Types of Courier Companies In Singapore

As mentioned in my previous post on choosing a courier company in Singapore, if you have different needs from other companies, you will need to look for different couriers for your need.

This post will be a more in depth look into that than my first post.

  1. Corporate courier companies – this is not the official term for them, and there is no official term for them, but these are the courier services companies which target corporations which needs to send many documents out to other companies and especially banks in Singapore on a near daily basis. The courier services provided by such companies are usually on a same day or urgent (within a few hours) basis. A large part of their customers are corporations.
  2. E-commerce goods distribution companies – These are delivery companies which help E-commerce business owners distribute their items. These are usually done on a non-urgent basis, as the main goal of a E-commerce business owner is to distribute the goods their customers bought at a reasonable cost which is still able to allow them to make a profit.
  3. Applications for consumers – these are usually mobile applications, which allow people to order a courier to their home for a random delivery to another location. Although convenient to use, there is a fundamental fault with these applications, especially because unlike Uber and Grab in Singapore, you are not with the ‘driver’ all the time. This means that your package can go missing without a trace with such mobile applications and the drivers on it, but Uber and Grab is safe because they would literally have to kidnap you for you / ‘your package’ to go missing. This is why the take up rate is slower among people in Singapore.

There are many companies within each category as well, make sure to pick the right ones, here are the recommended ones by us (Street Logos):

http://www.pcamasters.com/ for corporate courier companies.

https://www.ninjavan.co/en-sg for E-commerce goods distribution.

Choosing a courier company in Singapore to work with

It is important to pick a company which is both good in terms of their services, and is also value for money.

First and foremost, you need to know exactly why you are even getting a courier company to help you out, and the answer is to save time. If you’re trying to get a courier firm to help you perform local courier services in Singapore to save money, you’re probably going to be slightly disappointed. Travelling via public transport yourself is still the cheapest way to move around Singapore. However, a courier service will save you tons of time. Even if you have a car, it is recommended for most deliveries greater than 5 or 10km to simply get a courier company to partner with. This is because you can then focus on putting your time and effort on your work, while they help you do such mundane work.

Second of all, understand that not all courier firms in Singapore provide the same type of courier service. Some of them specialize in next few days deliveries (which is usually targeted at non-urgent, E-commerce business goods distribution), while others specialize in urgent same day deliveries (which is usually targeted at corporations with lots of documentations and banking slips to bank in).

It is utterly important to first know why you are looking for a courier company in Singapore, otherwise, you will never end up with the right company. If you are searching for a courier company in Singapore to help you save time and deals with same day services, then check out http://www.pcamasters.com/courier-delivery-singapore/.