Various Types of Courier Companies In Singapore

As mentioned in my previous post on choosing a courier company in Singapore, if you have different needs from other companies, you will need to look for different couriers for your need.

This post will be a more in depth look into that than my first post.

  1. Corporate courier companies – this is not the official term for them, and there is no official term for them, but these are the courier services companies which target corporations which needs to send many documents out to other companies and especially banks in Singapore on a near daily basis. The courier services provided by such companies are usually on a same day or urgent (within a few hours) basis. A large part of their customers are corporations.
  2. E-commerce goods distribution companies – These are delivery companies which help E-commerce business owners distribute their items. These are usually done on a non-urgent basis, as the main goal of a E-commerce business owner is to distribute the goods their customers bought at a reasonable cost which is still able to allow them to make a profit.
  3. Applications for consumers – these are usually mobile applications, which allow people to order a courier to their home for a random delivery to another location. Although convenient to use, there is a fundamental fault with these applications, especially because unlike Uber and Grab in Singapore, you are not with the ‘driver’ all the time. This means that your package can go missing without a trace with such mobile applications and the drivers on it, but Uber and Grab is safe because they would literally have to kidnap you for you / ‘your package’ to go missing. This is why the take up rate is slower among people in Singapore.

There are many companies within each category as well, make sure to pick the right ones, here are the recommended ones by us (Street Logos): for corporate courier companies. for E-commerce goods distribution.

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