Review Of Courier Services In Singapore

Here’s a quick review of the types of courier services you can find in Singapore.

First of all, there are companies which specialize in delivering small items for customers. These are usually companies which have a large workforce of bikers, and deal mainly with bike couriers and deliver items which can be transported only by bike. Their main customer base are usually corporations. Therefore, most financial, shipping and technology company use such courier services companies in Singapore the most. Examples of such a local courier service in Singapore is

Second of all, there are companies which specialize in lorry deliveries. These are companies which transport large items, usually furniture or fruits. There are lots of furniture stores in Singapore, due to the high population density in Singapore, and there are also a lot of fruit stores and wet markets. Therefore, these companies with lorries deliver such large items. However, one thing to note is that these are usually called transportation or general logistics companies, as courier companies are usually reserved for the naming of companies which deliver smaller items. An example of such a company is Shalom Movers.

Third of all, there are also companies which specialize in van deliveries. Such companies such as CSLC move goods for customers (the size of the goods are in between the top two categories) via van.

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