When Should You Use A Courier Delivery Firm?

Although I’m a strong proponent of Singapore’s logistics industry, I do not believe that you should use a courier firm all the time. Also, on the other hand, I believe that for certain times, using a courier services company is a no brainer decision.

Here’s why and what the situations are:

  • When you are sending something unimportant, and you can either deliver it or sleep, you should deliver it yourself!
  • In fact, the best times to use a courier company is when you do not have time to deliver it yourself, or are unable to do it yourself even if you wanted to.
  • The other times you should use a courier company is when you are sending documents on behalf of a company. Most companies let you claim such extra delivery expenses, which are above and over your usual work duties (unless you’re a deliveryman yourself). Therefore, why try to save money? 😛 Just use a courier firm in Singapore like PCAMasters.

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